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How is genetic testing done?

The test involves giving a small sample of blood that is tested in a lab for the BRCA mutations. Results…
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How can I find out where to go for genetic counseling and/or testing, and get more information?

First, talk to your doctor to see what programs might be available in your area. You also may find the…
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I don’t want my health insurance company to know I’m at high risk for breast cancer. Is there any way I can keep this confidential?

This is a common concern among individuals who are considering genetic testing. Fortunately, reports of discrimination based on cancer risk…
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Surgery doesn’t seem like the right answer for me. Is there anything else I can do to lower my risk of breast cancer?

Your doctor may prescribe a medication such as tamoxifen or raloxifene, two selective estrogen response modifiers (SERMs) that block the…
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I’ve heard that prophylactic mastectomy (surgical removal of the breasts) is the best way for high-risk women to prevent breast cancer, but it seems so drastic. I also know some women have had prophylactic removal of their ovaries. How greatly do these procedures reduce risk?

Studies suggest that prophylactic mastectomy affords the greatest protection against breast cancer, reducing risk by as much as 90 percent.…