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Greetings & Blessings Sassy Survivor Family & Friends,

Whether you are newly diagnosed, in treatment, a short or long term survivor, or a caregiver, I pray something in this website will be an encouragement to you as you review our survivor stories, participate in our fellowship, and obtain valuable resources for your own journey.

We at Sassy Survivor have had an amazing year so far and it is only getting better and busier.  For everyone who has prayed for this organization, I truly am thankful. We've needed those prayers and can see the manifestation of them even as I write this letter. We have overcome some major hurdles and obstacles that tried to stop what this Foundation was meant for.  However, with prayer, supplication and thanksgiving, we have received the victory and have been fortified to press on. We know there are challenges ahead, but with the challenge, comes the success. 

So much has progressed in this year.  I cannot even tell you the countless phone calls that have been received, the women that have been helped and the life-long relationships that have been built.  God has been in the midst of it all. 
Additionally, the Sassy Survivor Breast Cancer Support group is finally here!  Our first meeting was held on November 12, 2011 and we continue to meet on the 2nd Saturdays of the month. Last month we met for Tea at the beautiful Huntington Library in Pasadena and had a wonderful time. (You can view our pictures in the photo gallery.)   We hope you will join us in the month of October for our next meeting.  For more information, please call 909.731.2169.

Finally, please visit the Sassy Events page on this site.  There are MANY upcoming events for Breast Cancer awareness and we would love your participation, prayers and support for each activity.

All I can think about is the Goodness of God!  To all of my new “Sassy Survivors,” know that I pray for you every day without fail! I lift your name up before God.  I am assured, with every fiber in me, that He has you, His arms are around you each second. Know that I love each of you and am thankful for you.

In closing, I ask for your continued prayers. There is much planned as we close 2012 and look toward 2013,  and I need all of your help.  So let us set our faces like a flint. Isaiah 50:7 “Because the Sovereign LORD helps me, I will not be disgraced. Therefore have I set my face like flint, and I know I will not be put to shame.”

Blessings, May God’s Peace and Favor walk as fellow travelers with you...

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