What Breast Cancer Can Look Like


Breast Cancer, if detected early, can save lives. With African American women, it is imperative that we know our breasts, do monthly Breast Self-Exams, get an annual clinical exam and get a mammogram when you turn 40 (not 50). If there is Breast Cancer in our families, we should have a mammogram at an even earlier age and clinical exam for young women beginning in when they turn 20. INSIST on it!

When doing a Breast Self-Exam, know what you are looking for. Most of us exam our breasts to insure there isn’t a lump. Many of us, who found a lump, called someone (family, friend, doctor) and sought next steps. However, there are other signs that indicate we need to see a doctor immediately.  Do not allow a medical professional to not respect your concern and put off having an immediate appointment. Find another doctor!  INSIST on it! 

So, what are other signs, besides a lump that you should be aware of when performing your Monthly Breast Self-Exam?

One of the best illustrations of what to look for, I found on a website called Knowyourlemons.org. Using an egg carton, Knowyourlemons.org, shows us 12 signs.

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When performing your Breast Self-Exam, if you notice any of these signs, get on the phone, call and make an appointment to see your doctor. INSIST on it!  Call a friend and/or Peer Patient Navigator to accompany you to the doctor appointment. This neutral companion can ask the questions you may not think of and write/record the answers you are given. Due to HIPPA, you will need to sign a form acknowledging that you are giving permission for your companion to hear and get the information the doctor will share.

Now that you know what to look for, I ask, do you know how to do a Self-Exam? I’ve provided an illustration for you.

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Once more, early detection saves lives! Let us all commit, in the company of Sisters, to not only encourage others, but ensure that not only are we are doing a Breast Self-Exam; our Sisters are performing their Breast Self-Exams as well. INSIST on it!

Written by DeBorrah Carter
For Fit 4 Life SGV-NCNW
October 2021