Welcome to the Sassy Survivor

DeBorrah Carter – Founder and Executive Director


Welcome to 2021 Sassy Survivor Breast Health Alliance!


I pray and trust that 2021 has brought with it renewed hope and faith-filled expectations that will manifest, in your lives, during the coming months.

I’m excited about 2021. I’m hopeful in 2021. I’m thankful for 2021. My Gratefulness is so vast, so wide, so expectant. I am pregnant with God’s Word and Sassy Survivor Breast Health Alliance will be giving birth soon. I hope that you will travel with me through this journey.

February 2021 marks 20 years that I’ve been a Breast Cancer Survivor! In these past 20 years, I made wonderful friends in the Breast Cancer Community; doctors, caregivers, survivors/thrivers, friends, families and prayer warriors who keep all of us (you and me) in prayer on a daily basis.

In a couple of weeks, you will begin to learn of the most recent news in the area of Breast Health and Breast Cancer. The news will benefit us as well as help save the lives of more Survivors/Thrivers who are African American/Black Women and African American/Black Men.

I’m asking you as a Sassy Survivor to fasten your seatbelts. We are going on a ride, literally for our lives! God Bless You and I’ll be back with a “newness” before the end of this month. Abundant Blessings.


DeBorrah Carter, Founder/Executive Director (Celebrating 18 years of Survivorship)
Sassy Survivor
Celebrating 18 years of Survivor-ship